Thank you so much for visiting Pawsitively Platinum Pet Care! We are so excited to share with you our services that we can provide for your dog. 

Who we are: We are a mobile dog grooming service based out of Pipe Creek, TX

Our goal: To provide the best grooming service possible for you and your dog(s)

How we schedule: We schedule based off of when we are next in your area (Request of your location will be asked for verification if we service your area or not).

How far out are we scheduling: We average booking an appointment 2-3 weeks out

To request an appointment: Please email or call/text 830-250-7297 for more inquires/quotes about our services

Documentation: Up to date Rabies and Distemper vaccination records and a Credit Card on file are required to book an appointment. The Bordetella vaccine and flea/tick prevention are highly recommended

Boarding: We have 5 beautiful acres of property that has two enclosed fenced in areas. The property has 24/7 surveillance, supervised playtimes and "an at home environment". Your dog(s) will feel right at home with us!

Cancellation Policy: Minimum of 24 hour notice of cancellation. If less than 24 hours, a 30% or $30.00 minimum cancellation fee will be charged.

Referral Program

Refer a friend to our business

Have them mention your name when scheduling

At completion of their appointment, both of you receive a $10 credit to your next appointment

Loyalty Program

Every $10 spent, you earn 1 loyalty point

Paw Trim 20pts     Paw/Nose Balm 30pts      Teeth Brushing 30pts   

Bonus Brushing 30pts  Anal Gland Expression 30pts.    

Clean Face/Feet (Poodle Shave) 30pts    

0-20lb Dog: Maintenance Trim 30pts     Deshedding Treatment 30pts

21-40lb Dog: Maintenance Trim 30pts   Deshedding Treatment 30pts

41-60lb Dog: Maintenance Trim 60pts   Deshedding Treatment 60pts

 61-79lb Dog: Maintenance Trim 60pts   Deshedding Treatment 60pts

 0-20lb Dog: Maintenance Trim 36pts     Deshedding Treatment 60pts

Office Hours:

Monday thru Saturday 8:30am - 5:30pm